hi my name is faelina and i like funny text posts, taylor swift, and overly edited photos of flowers
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Anonymous: Good day honey! How are you? ;d My name is Erica and I make online games! Cool uh? Me and my team are now working on a latest online game and would like to ask you a tiny favor. Could you give a try how it works? It will take only few moments of you precious time dear. Try it on my tumblr site. Let my know how it was. Looking forward to hearing from you :) Cheers~! Erica

Well you’re anonymous so I can’t really go to your blog….??


so like, i don’t really like taylor swift’s new songs off of 1989 so far..

hopefully there’s hope for the rest of the album

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She dreamed of Medical School. She was killed during the recent Israeli airstrikes with all of her family members except 1 brother. Her high school diploma lies on the rubbles of her home. 
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